Family Feud

Gwen Vs.lris

I'm not all bad...more like this bad.The Players: Gwen Munson and her mother, Iris Dumbrowski.

The Bone Of Contention: Iris was the neglectful, alcoholic mother that Gwen had spent her childhood cleaning up after. Emotionally damaged, Gwen became legally emancipated, fashioned a squalid life for herself and promptly got pregnant Iris tried to prove that she'd changed by helping Gwen win custody of her newborn. Alas, the jealous drunk soon showed her true colors and was arrested for falsely claiming she'd been poisoned by Gwen's boyfriend, Will Munson.

The Fall-Out: Upon learning that her daugh­ ter had married into wealth and launched a mu­ sic career, Iris returned from prison with her hand out Denied, she blackmailed Will into signing over his trust fund. Just when Gwen thought Iris had been banished for good, the marauding mama returned with a potential partner in crime:

Cole, the new guy in town, who is the brother who abandoned Gwen when she was a kid!

Iris and Will


The Prediction: Gwen's got a big heart, and al­ though it's been repeatedly smashed to pieces in the past, we're willing to bet that shell eventually give Cole a chance. But if she so much as opens the door to evil Iris again, the foolish young woman deserves what she gets.


İFamily Feud: CBS SOAP OPERAT IN DEPTH: Oct 2, 2007

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